Matt Birchler
2015 - today
Designer and Product Owner

As a designer and product owner, my role is split between working with a development team to get products out to market and working with all product teams to ensure design standards are maintained across all products. I was the first designer on staff in the company and was responsible for making design something the company was proud of and could use as a marketing advantage.

  • Built up a design system from scratch as the first designer on staff in the company.
  • Improved user retention via UI improvements, as measured in user engagement metrics.
  • Worked with development and product to ensure functional and beautiful user experiences.
2010 - 2015
Senior Team Leader

I worked at 3 total stores, all of which were struggling with sales and customer satisfaction scores when I was sent to them. My job was to bring these stores up to company standards, and in each case, left the store as a top performer in the "group" of about 60 locations. My role started as a logistics team leader and soon transitioned into a senior management role in charge of Hardlines and Electronics departments.

  • Managed teams anywhere from 10-50 employees.
  • Grew revenue in Electronics and Hardlines categories across 3 stores.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction ratings across 3 stores.
  • Performed talent management from hiring, firing, to promoting my team members.
Northern Illinois University
2006 - 2011
Editor, Director, and Producer

I started as an intern and soon transitioned into a permanent role focused on sports at the school. I started as an editor and cable puller, but worked my way up to instant replay operator, producer, and even director of live sporting events. We used tools like Final Cut Pro, Adobe apps, and Avid systems to get our work done.

  • Directed live sporting events for basketball, football, and wrestling.
  • Edited highlight reels for many NIU teams' end of season celebrations and school marketing materials.
  • Ran the instant replay system for the Jumbotron for men's basketball.
Numerous Websites
2010 - today
Freelance Writer

More passion projects than full-time jobs, I've been writing for myself at the well-regarded and widely read BirchTree since 2010. My writing and podcasting there has lead to many opportunities to write for other sites and talk to interesting people about technology. I focus on the world of tech, often centering on Apple. My work has been discussed on Daring Fireball, 9to5Mac, MacStories, and many more enthusiast sites.

  • Personal blogging about technology since 2010 at my personal site, which reaches up to 50,000 people per month.
  • Wrote for enthusiast sites like The Sweet Setup with deep dives into what makes for great software.
  • Appeared on many podcasts, including 9to5Mac Watch Time, A Slab of Glass, iPad Pros, Unco, The Outpost Show, BYOD, PAL Keys, and more.