Matt Birchler
A Better Computer I've been building A Better Computer since 2020 and have aimed to make it a premiere channel for learning about the best software available for all the computers in your life. Learn about Collect.js
Collect.js I currently lead this project at NMI and am in charge of design and user experience. Collect.js is a JavaScript library that lets developers build delightful checkout experiences in a secure, safe way, and easier than any other option on the market. Learn about Collect.js
Collect Checkout Also currently leading this project at NMI, Collect Checkout is a hosted payment page that lets any merchant have a premier checkout experience for their customers. Built with a focus on beautiful design and a UI centered around conversion. Learn about Collect Checkout
BirchTree My personal site has been running since 2010 and is read widely in the online tech community. Focusing on design, market strategy, and productivity, I've carved out a nice niche on the internet for like-minded enthusiasts. Visit BirchTree
QuickBINLookup The fastest way to look up a credit card BIN/EIN on the web. No intrusive ads, no silly games, no sleazy tracking, just what you need to get your work done. Visit QuickBINLookup
Birchtree.css Created to solve a problem I had, this compact stylesheet allows developers to easily make their personal or test pages look good with very little effort. Learn about Birchtree.css
watchOS 7 Concept As I have done for watchOS 3, 4, 5, and 6 before, this concept looks at my favorite Apple product and is my dream for what is coming next for the platform. The concept was picked up by 9to5Mac, iMore, and discussed on the podcast, Connected. See the full concept
Custom Apple Watch Face A part of my watchOS 5 concept, this watch face is an example of what I'd like to see from the Apple Watch in the future. Check out the watch face